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Alumni Range Day or Alumni Match Course Gift Certificate Intro to Long Range/Long Hunter 2 day course
Course Gift Certificate
Members Price: $0.00
Alumni Range Day Practice or our annual Alumni Match Registration. Course Gift Certificate. This is a perfect gift idea for anyone who loves to shoot!!

This two day course will get you on track for a long range hunt.  We spend two days in the field helping you achieve that perfect shot up to 700 yards.  We work with the rifle and scope that you have and help with any fundamentals issues that you may need to have corrected.
Intro to Long Range/Long Hunter Deposit & Final Payment LRPR I Course Full Payment LRPR I Deposit & Final Payment
LRPR I Course Full Payment
Our Price: $750.00
Long Range Hunter Deposit Long Range Precision Rifle Course Full Payment. Long Range Precision I
LRPR II and LRPR III Course Full Payment LRPRII and LRPRIII Deposit & Final Payment Mid/Long Range Designated Marksman (AR-15, Socom, etc)
Long Range Precision Rifle II and III course.  LRPR I Course completion is required to attend LRPR II and LRPR III. Long Range Precision II and III Deposit and Final Payment Mid to long range Carbine course using firearms like the AR-15 or the Socom for example.  This is a two day course where the classroom is on the range.
Private Class Fees
Private Class Fees
Our Price: $1,500.00
Members Price: $0.00
Please contact Denise White for the costs for Private or Semi-private classes.